Farmers who have a $50,000+ prize bull on their property are the only ones that need an automatic weapon; rustlers often beat the farmer down and sell the bull for thousands. The small home owner needs only a handgun to chase away the youngsters that want his plasma TV and attractive wife.


Low skilled and low intelligent workers are preferred by 94% of US companies, higher skilled and smarter employees demand unreasonable wages for the simple tasks required in the work place. Most college grads cannot find jobs that will help pay off their student loans; they have no choice but to act dumb in order to get hired at 7 bucks an hour and stiff their creditors.

Slow learners who will work for low wages are needed to replace the high salaried baby boomers who are now retiring. Most jobs can be performed by an employee with a minimum amount of intelligence; only managerial positions require some literacy. High-tech workers remain as the few American employees that require high aptitudes, but that type of work is being out sourced to Asia. Except for its productive farmlands and oil deposits North America is becoming of no value to the investor.

Educated European/Americans no longer are entering the science of computer engineering but prefer the better pay in financial management. High-Tech companies are being forced to relocate in China due to the lack of skilled employees, but on the docks of Shanghai and Hong Kong millions of bashed gay computer engineers are waiting in the back of the line for the green light to be admitted to America. Garden cutters and prolific breeders are not needed; millions of hard working gay computer engineers will bring back the high-tech industries if they are granted American citizenship.

Fifty mysterious occupants of the consulate at Benghazi are missing; none were identified by the media or asked what type of work they were engaged in after they were rescued. One reliable source who chose to remain anonymous claims that they were couriers for an international network who supplied Cocaine and Opium to hundreds of the world`s leaders. The fifty couriers surely have been murdered and their bodies dumped at sea.